This website offers unique, inexpensive earring designs for pierced ears. All of our ear fixings use only sterling silver or stainless steel as these materials give a lower chance of allergy.  The actual earrings are created using plastic, glass, porcelain, silver plate, non-perishable materials and foodstuffs, ceramic or clay.

Please look through the designs and choose what you would like to buy. If you purchase, please remember to state the reference number on your order form.

When you have purchased your earrings, the photo and reference number will be removed from the website.

We offer the following:
            •  Drop earrings
            •  Large drop earrings
            •  Stud earrings
            •  Elite earrings
            •  Funky earrings
            •  Children's earrings 
            •  Bargain basement earrings

I hope that you enjoy choosing from the range of earrings. More are constantly being added as they are sold, so do come back and have another look at any time. If you have queries about any of the designs or want us to create a specific design for you, please email the website. Please read the terms and conditions and the disclaimer before proceeding.